Originally designed to be a shipyard for the construction of yachts, VMG has exclusive facilities in the Mediterranean nautical sector to satisfy customer requests, always guaranteeing their safety and high-quality service.

37.000 m²


200 m²

Berthing area

2 Travelift

300t / 50t

2 Dry-dock pits

10m y 7m de beam

5.000 m²

Interior shed

2000 m²

Workshop space

170 m²

Painting booth


Rig booth

Gantry cranes

2x10t / 1x2t
Logistics area for loading on plataforms / Trucks

700 m²

Storage area

550 m²

Offices for external use

900 m²

Central offices

VIP room

+ Terrace
Common areas, changing romos with showers, dining room

Private Car Park